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Business integrity

Acting with integrity is at the center of our culture and is an integral part of our company's mission and vision.

Standard & General has strong values, policies, codes, standards, and expectations to ensure we always conduct our business with respect for people, honesty, and integrity.


Our core values are integrity, honesty, and respect for people. These values are reflected in our Business Principles and Standards, which lay out our responsibilities to customers, business partners, employees, society, and shareholders.  

Together with our Code of Conduct, our Business Principles and Standards govern how we operate as a business with integrity around the world. They include commitments to business integrity and compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

All of Standard & General's employees, suppliers, partners, and those working with us in joint ventures are expected to align with and understand these Business Principles and Standards. We encourage our suppliers and partners in joint ventures that we do not control to apply similar principles.

Our code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct explains how employees, suppliers, and partners acting on behalf of Standard & General must live up to our Business Principles and Standards. Our Code of Conduct is extensive, covering anti-bribery, corruption, safety, and other essential fields.

We provide compulsory training and routinely remind employees, suppliers, and partners about the importance of our Code of Conduct and Business Principles and Standards. We also expect Standard & General's suppliers and partners to understand and meet our rigorous requirements.

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