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Standard & General market coking and thermal coal to customers in the Americas, Asia, and Europe powering modern life.

Standard & General market coking and thermal coal to industrial consumers all over the world. The coal we trade is used for smelting iron ore during steel manufacturing, power generation, and industrial processes, including aluminum, cement, and nickel production.

Coal is an integral part of the global economy, and we are focused on supplying coal efficiently and sustainably. Coal currently meets almost a third of the world's energy requirements and produces approximately 40% of global electricity. 

Thermal coal continues to play a leading role in power generation worldwide, given its reliability and affordability. We ensure our customers get the qualities and quantities of coal they require in a reliable, secure, and timely manner; this underpins our reputation as a reliable supplier.

Standard & General leverages its global reach and extensive coal supply network to continuously deliver for our industrial customers worldwide. Our strength comes from our direct relationships with the world's major coal producers.

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