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Standard & General's trading expertise serves producers and global industrial consumers of cobalt.

Standard & General is a leader in the international trade of cobalt and markets to global industrial consumers in the metal, automotive, electronics, aerospace, and defense industries.

Cobalt is a metal rising in demand and fast becoming one of the world's most essential commodities due to increasing numbers of electric vehicles and battery-powered electronics. Cobalt is a critical component of batteries, and the prevalence of electric cars has increased demand for cobalt five-fold.

Cobalt-based superalloys have historically consumed most of the cobalt produced. Cobalt is primarily used to manufacture magnetic, wear-resistant, and high-strength alloys such as superalloys for use in aircraft engines and cemented carbides when manufacturing saw blades and drill bits, as well as other industrial applications.

Our cobalt marketing business has established mutually beneficial partnerships with cobalt producers worldwide. We leverage our global reach and extensive cobalt supply network to continuously deliver for our industrial customers worldwide; this underpins our reputation as a reliable cobalt supplier.

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