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Copper ore

Standard & General is an independent marketer of copper ore and copper concentrate, serving customers all over the world.

Standard & General's copper marketing business supplies market-leading copper ore and copper concentrate to industrial consumers worldwide in the copper smelting and refining industries.

Copper is the third most used metal globally, after iron and aluminum, and is a critical element of the world as we know it. Industries rely on copper due to its multitude of prized properties, such as its high electrical conductivity, tensile strength, high ductility, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, ease of soldering, malleability, and creep resistance, structural capability, aesthetics, and recyclability.

Throughout history, copper has been at the forefront of technology, from telephones to wireless communications, computers, and satellites. Today copper is in higher demand than ever and is set to remain at the center of emerging technologies going into the future. 

Copper's high thermal and electrical conductivity make it ideal for wiring, electronic devices, and renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar power generation and electric vehicles. Copper is 100% recyclable, retaining 95% of its original value giving copper a vital role in a sustainable future.

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