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We seek to apply best practices, ensuring that our approach is up-to-date and relevant.

Standard & General’s success is founded on a reputation of being an honest and reliable business partner. By upholding our commitment to ethical business practices, we seek to maintain this reputation and meet our long-term objectives by being regarded as a business partner of choice.

Our approach

We seek to maintain a culture of ethical behavior and compliance throughout the company, rather than simply performing the minimum required by laws and regulations. We will not knowingly assist any third party in breaching the law or participate in any criminal, fraudulent, or corrupt practice in any country.

To support this, we have implemented a company compliance program that includes a range of policies, procedures, guidelines, training, and monitoring. Our permanent and temporary employees, directors, and officers (as well as suppliers, where they are under a relevant contractual obligation) must comply with our compliance policies, procedures, and guidelines that apply to their work, in addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations.



Standard & General Board

The board is responsible for:


  • providing strategic advice, support, and challenge to the accounting officer and executive directors

  • endorsing our vision, standards, and values

  • endorsing our strategic aims and objectives and setting targets

  • developing and endorsing our strategy and annual business plan

  • reviewing the management of financial and human resources to deliver the business plan

  • monitoring operational and financial performance

  • monitoring strategic risks and seeking assurance on their management

  • reviewing the annual report and accounts before approval by the accounting officer

  • reviewing the effectiveness of internal controls and the scheme of delegated authority

  • scrutinizing and reviewing major business cases

  • reviewing staff and customer satisfaction survey results and annual health and safety reviews

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