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Standard & General builds global connectivity between nickel miners, smelters, refined metal fabricators, and industrial consumers.

Standard & General markets high-quality nickel products to global industrial consumers worldwide in the metal, construction, automotive, electronics, aerospace, and defense industries.

Our marketing business trades nickel metal as well as concentrates, intermediates, and ferronickel. We also trade in cobalt and copper, which are a by-product of nickel production. Nickel's primary use is in steels and metal alloys, but it also serves applications in the production of batteries and permanent magnets.

Nickel is primarily used to produce stainless steel because nickel adds strength and corrosion resistance to steel. Nickels' ability to handle high temperatures means it is used to create special superalloys and steels used to manufacture jet engines.

Nickel compounds are also used in batteries and increasingly in high-powered batteries like those used in electric vehicles. Around 27% of all nickel produced is for engineering, 10% in construction, 14% for tubular products, 20% for metal goods, 14% for transport, 11% for electronic goods, and 5% for other uses.

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