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Our people

Our people are essential to our strategy's successful delivery and to sustaining business performance over the long term.

Our people are essential to Standard & General's success. Performing competitively in the evolving global landscape requires competent and empowered people working together.    

Standard & General conducts business in almost every part of the world and understands that every market is different. Our customers and their requirements are diverse, like the world in which we live. The diversity of perspectives, knowledge, ideas, skills, and cultures across our company facilitates innovation, which gives us a competitive advantage.

An inclusive work environment and a diverse workforce are vital to our success. We believe that diverse teams led by inclusive leaders deliver better results for our customers. We treat our people fairly, with respect, and ensure they have the opportunity to develop their careers to match their potential.

To form our perspectives as a group, we need a diverse team that can respond to our global business needs and interacts with clients and colleagues in various settings worldwide; this means building an environment where difference and diversity are valued.

Building on our values, we aspire to sustain an inclusive and diverse culture where all feel welcome, respected, and valued, from our employees to our partners and customers. We are fully committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a talented and diverse team. The richness of perspectives helps us to create strong connections wherever we do business.


We foster diversity and inclusion through global and local talent plans to ensure that our most talented people progress regardless of ethnicity, gender, or other perceived differences. We also have a suite of leadership and employee development and awareness programs, mentoring initiatives and policies that support flexible working, and a network of employee resource groups. We continually look for new ways to enrich our inclusive culture. 



Global Workforce


We search the globe for talented women and men from diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to take the initiative, be innovative, and think independently. With our aim of hiring local employees, we positively affect the economies in the developed, emerging, and developing countries where we do business.

Our global workforce is representative of the countries in which we operate. Our goals are to discover and hire dedicated, talented employees and allow them to grow, learn, and succeed. This approach results in a diverse employee base of talented people with different ideas and perspectives.

We aim to create and foster a diverse workforce representative of the many countries where we do business. Diversity and inclusion of skill, knowledge, thought, and culture make Standard & General more resilient, more competitive, and better placed to operate in the constantly changing and evolving global commodity business.

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