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Product stewardship

The commodities that Standard & General trades are essential to everyday modern life.

Standard & General's goal is to provide reliable supplies of quality commodities that meet all industry standards, regulations, and expectations.

Product stewardship is deeply ingrained in our culture; we act at all times as good stewards of the commodity trades we conduct. We strive for the best management standards in all aspects of our business, and our commercial approach is supported by a clear recognition of our product stewardship responsibilities.

We try to take care that all the commodities we market are safe by working closely with our suppliers and industrial customers. To understand and manage our products' potential health, safety, and environmental risks, we evaluate them carefully. We work closely with our industrial suppliers and customers to monitor any changes in our commodities and support research to reduce risks further.

Within product stewardship, we do the following:

  • we check the safety of the products we market and assess any potentially harmful effects;

  • we assess their suitability on a market-by-market basis; and

  • we prioritize good product stewardship - for new products, new technologies, and new supply chains

Our product stewardship network

We have global teams of product stewardship specialists. These teams include product stewards who work closely with our business, IT, regulatory and communication departments.

Our product stewards work with our environmental, safety, and health experts to assess the impact of our commodities throughout their life cycles. They work with our businesses to help shape the product stewardship agenda based on regulatory requirements, customer expectations, and business needs.

Product stewardship information

We maintain extensive information to support our collaborative work to make the commodities we market safer and more sustainable. This information includes Safety Data Sheets, which set out specific commodities' hazards and relevant local regulatory requirements. Product stewardship summaries provide general safety, health, and environmental information about the commodities we market.


Why this is important

We want the commodities we supply to our industrial customers to be of the right quality in line with ever-evolving industry standards and regulations. Our product stewardship approach allows us to achieve this and ensures a stable business environment for our partners, suppliers, and industrial customers.

Our approach

We have global expertise in commodity trading and extensive market knowledge. As our customers' needs continuously evolve, we must maintain a thorough understanding of global markets, regulatory developments, and the commodities we market.

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