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Standard & General operates as a reliable, high-quality partner to market seaborne-traded pulses on a global basis. 

We market pulses from producers all over the world. Our suppliers can supply pulses in bulk vessels, bulk containers, bags, and bulk totes.​


Pulses are dried edible seeds of the legume plants, and there are hundreds of different varieties of pulses grown around the globe. We supply a wide range of pulses, including dry peas and beans, chickpeas, faba beans, lentils, black matpe, canary seed, green mung beans, and mustard.

Pulses are used mainly in whole raw form, split, or ground into flour in foods like soups, hummus, plant-based pasta, dals, and snack products. The starch and protein are also extracted from pulses and used to enrich products such as plant-based protein powders and bars, spreads, snacks, non-dairy milk, and drinks.

Our experience in the global commodity markets and strong relationships with pulse producers provide our industrial customers with unrivaled levels of supply security, service, reliability, and quality. Our strength comes from our direct relationships with pulse producers in major growing regions around the world.

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