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Standard & General serves as a high-volume, cost-efficient intermediary between producers and consumers of bulk raw and bagged white sugar.

Standard & General markets bulk raw and bagged white sugar from producers all over the world. We have strong relationships with sugar producers in the top sugar-producing regions of Central America, Brazil, and Thailand. ​

Sugar is processed from the juice of sugar beet and sugarcane. Refined sugar is used in a wide range of foods and drinks. Sugar is also used by the cosmetic, fermentation, pharmaceutical, nutrition industries, and the juice can be turned into alcohol and bio-ethanol, a "green" fuel mostly blended into gasoline.

The leftover fiber from crushed sugarcane called bagasse is used as a natural fuel source to power sugarcane crushing plants. Beet pulp, the fibrous material left once the sugar is extracted from beets, is used as animal feed.

We supply our industrial customers across North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with bulk raw and bagged white sugar. Our reliable supply chains are built on our direct relationships with sugar producers in the main growing regions of the world.

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