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Our approach

Sustainability at Standard & General is about responsibly delivering commodities to meet the world's growing needs.

Standard & General's sustainability approach starts with running a safe, efficient, responsible, and profitable business. We always work to share the broader benefits where we operate, and we are continuously working to create a more sustainable commodity future.

Sustainability at Standard & General means responsibly providing commodities, respecting people, their safety, and the environment while safeguarding a sustainable supply of raw materials to ensure that the global economy is supplied with the resources that it needs to prosper.

Our approach to sustainable commodities:


  • Extraction of raw materials

    Standard & General partners with commodity producers that employ sustainable and environmental raw material extraction and processing methods; and comply with environmental and social standards.


  • Extraction and processing technologies

    The use of modern mining extraction technologies and the further development of ore recovery and processing technologies minimize damage to environmental media caused by raw materials extraction and processing.


  • Industrial processes

    New or improved materials and chemical processes offer great potential for industrial processes at all value chain levels, generating substantially enhanced performance with reduced energy and material resource consumption.  


  • Transparency 

    Sustainable and secure supplies of raw materials, which are as transparent as possible, are of outstanding significance for the global economy's stable development. Raw materials provide an indispensable basis for downstream industrial production and are prerequisites for growth and jobs in industrial, emerging, and developing economies.


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