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Our experienced leadership team brings a wide range of expertise to deliver value for our customers, partners, and communities.

Standard & General Board of Directors


The board of directors is responsible for:

  • providing support, strategic advice, and challenge to the executive directors and accounting officer

  • endorsing our standards, values, and vision

  • setting targets and endorsing our strategic objectives and aims

  • developing and endorsing our business plan, strategy, and strategic direction

  • reviewing the management of human and financial resources to deliver our business plan

  • monitoring financial and operational performance

  • monitoring strategic risks and seeking confidence in their management

  • reviewing the annual report and accounts before approval by the accounting officer

  • evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls and the scheme of delegated authority

  • reviewing and scrutinizing major business cases

  • reviewing customer and staff satisfaction survey results and annual health and safety reviews

The board members are:

  • Richard P. Murphy, Chief Executive 

  • Paul J. Wilmot, Finance Director

  • Catherine D. Franklin, Non-executive Chair

  • Rob Wakefield, Non-executive Director

  • David A. Reed, Non-executive Director

  • Mary S. Williams, Non-executive Director

  • Michael H. Elliot, Non-executive Director

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